transcendent goal

Find This Goal to Fuel Your BJJ for Years to Come

People are driven by all sorts of different motivators when it comes to BJJ. Often, what we learn through years of chasing goals is that. . .   It’s never enough. You’ll never really be satisfied by any exterior goal.   There is machinery in your body that helps motivate you and push you towards the attainment of […]

Why I Don’t Use Neck Cranks During BJJ Training

Are Neck Cranks (and in particular the Can Opener) Dick Moves in BJJ? Well it depends. . . As always, what classifies a Dick Move is usually if the person’s intent who is executing the technique. That said, when it comes to day-to-day training in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. My objective is to train hard. But make […]

My Problem Period with Wrestling Based BJJ Takedowns

So I’ve told you about the upsides to having Wrestling to work in unison with my Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.   Would you like me to tell you the downside of it, and tell you about a time when I struggled to score the takedown?    When I was. . . at times. . . forced to […]