My Problem Period with Wrestling Based BJJ Takedowns

So I’ve told you about the upsides to having Wrestling to work in unison with my Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.   Would you like me to tell you the downside of it, and tell you about a time when I struggled to score the takedown?    When I was. . . at times. . . forced to […]

The Gi Confused Me During My 1st BJJ Match ( Wrestling for BJJ )

My 1st match in BJJ has kind of a funny story behind it. I didn’t know how to stand properly! I had not idea how to use my Wrestling for BJJ. The picture above is from that match. 1st, I was wearing my coaches BJJ gi. The gi that I had didn’t have any team […]

tapping in bjj

Tapping in BJJ IS Losing, IT’S Failure  

This morning I saw a video showing a guy at a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu tournament who simply REFUSED to use tapping out as an option. He continued even after being caught in several submissions. One leg lock attempt that left him visibly injured, to the point where he could no longer stand without a limp Here’s […]

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