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So I received a lot of positive feedback from the last few posts I’ve done with the 10 years in BJJ series. I apologize for not having the next part in the series posted. I’ll have the next post up later this week. I’ve just been super busy with a little side project I’ve been doing. The side project is a podcast and I’ve been interviewing tons of black belts from all over. The purpose of the podcast is to interview different high level BJJ practitioners and draw inspiration, motivation and advice from their own experiences. I just released the first episode today and I chose one of my interviews with a black belt from the midwest. I did this for a few reasons. Mainly because he is a highly skilled black belt and the fact that he has personally faced a fair amount of adversity and did not have the ideal starting conditions. Even with these sorts of obstacles he has still managed to become a skilled black belt and is able to do BJJ full time. I knew James previous to this interview but even with that I personally learned about him as a person and a BJJ player. The interview gave me some perspectives on things and when you listen to it I hope it does the same for you and that it gives you something you can use for your own BJJ journey.

Check out the interview here:  Interview with James Clingerman



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