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I Used BJJ in a Street Fight and BJJ Gauntlet


I’ve really enjoyed these random questions with Chewy. It’s a little more of a relaxed format than my normal long Chewy rambles.

In this video the 2 main questions are:

  1. Have I ever been in a Steet Fight? / Have I ever used my BJJ in a Street Fight?
  2. What’s my opinion on the Belt Gauntlet in BJJ?

I rambled on pretty long about these two questions, sharing various experiences I had. But I found them interesting.

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu in a Street Fight

I know that Brazilian Jiu-jitsu being used in street fight situations is always an interesting topic. This is particularly due to the origins of BJJ. It was promoted as a fighting system and means for self-defense. Which it is! But overtime there has been an increasing focus on sport and BJJ competitions because of the fun factor.

I’ver never really been a self defense minded person. Mainly, because I knew the power of taking a combat sport and using it in live situations. One of the biggest benefits combat sports can give you for a fight is the ability to deal with stress and the chaos of a fight.

In the video I share 2 ways I used BJJ and Combat Sports to win a fight and avoid a fight!


The BJJ Gauntlet

The Gauntlet in Brazilian Jiujitsu is a bit controversial. Some people claim it’s brutal, barbaric, awful, etc etc. I tried to touch on my idea about it and share the reasons why I like it and why I continue to do it. Both as a practice for my students and why I continue to do it as a person. I still walk the gauntlet myself!

If you have thoughts on the gauntlet, list them below and share your ideas.


I hope you guys enjoyed this sort of random question video. It’s a different format that the typical ones. But hopefully it’s entertaining.Everyone has seemed to like them!

Thanks for watching!


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