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Prove Your Doubters Wrong ( 1st BJJ Tournament )

Do You Remember your 1st BJJ Tournament or Competition

Do you remember getting ready for your 1st Brazilian Jiu-jitsu competition or tournament? Do you remember the nerves associated with preparing and getting ready to step out on the mat against a complete stranger ready to go 100%?

If you do, then you remember it’s scary!

I remember my 1st Wrestling match which was my 1st taste of competition anxiety and the self doubt associated with it. It was tough. I didn’t feel like I was getting ready for a sports competition. I felt like I was preparing for my end. I couldn’t even imagine life after the tournament. It just consumed my thoughts.


White Belt Getting Ready For His 1st BJJ Tournament

Our White Belt friend Alex, recently sent me a message asking about how to deal with the fact that he is nervous for his 1st BJJ tournament. But in addition to that, and making it worse, is the fact that his friends who do not train are incredibly negative and telling him he isn’t good enough. This si tough because they are his friends and so their opinions are very valuable to him and mean a lot. So this is hard for him to deal with.

Keep in mind it’s his friends who don’t train Brazilian Jiujitsu that are vocal about his abilities. Not his friends that do train. He says that his friends who do train are incredibly supportive. In fact, they say he’s going to do incredibly well.

What To Do With Doubters

In this video I talk about various situations I’ve experienced in my life where doubters were there, ready to cut me down. Experiences like losing weight, stepping into BJJ and MMA, getting into the gym business and even starting my YouTube channel.  I’ve have doubters in everything I’ve ever done in my life that was difficult but contained a worthy goal. And in many cases the doubters were the people that I truly care about the most. I share how I dealt with these issues and how I overcame them.

Hopefully this advice is useful to Alex for anyone who is struggling with doubters in extreme situations like a Brazilian Jiujitsu tournament or anything that’s challenging in their life.


P.S the passage I referenced in the video was. . .

“As you proceed through life,
following your own path,
birds will shit on you,
Don’t bother to brush it off.”

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  1. Reza
    Reza says:

    Great content as usual my man. Im watching your bjj vids everyday and im trying to grow each day as a bjj guy. Im working on being an expert of murdering people with my hands. Thanks you for the tools!


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