Chewjitsu Grey Gi

The Chewjitsu Grey Gi Order Has Started!

Be a part of the 100 and get a Custom Grey Chewjitsu Gi!

I’ve been talking about this order for a while on my YouTube Channel and it’s finally here!

I’m super excited about this!

My students and I have been rocking the Grey and Black Gis for over a year and we love them. And through the videos a lot of people have expressed that they want one.

I’ve been super busy with seminars, teaching and my own training that I haven’t had a chance to get it going.

But starting today we are launching the gis!

If you’d like to order a gi click the links below. Pay close attention to the links depending on if you are an International or U.S Based Customer.

I wasn’t able to figure out how to separate all the shipping prices for the variations. So there will be two different prices. The higher price for the International page covers most of the additional shipping charges.

Included with your purchase is

  • Custom Grey Chewjitsu Gi
  • Travel Gi Bag
  • You’ll also receive an email after the Gi order is done with a video series of my favorite prehab / rehab exercises along with some of the supplements and dieting techniques I use to keep up a high level of training. It’s included just for the 100 people who purchase the gis!

Pre-Order a Grey Chewjitsu Gi (Those of you living in the U.S) 

Pre-Order a Grey Chewjitsu Gi (Those of you living Outside the U.S)  

Chewjitsu Grey Gi

Chewjitsu Grey Gi Mock Up





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