Focus of New BJJ White Belt

What to Focus On as a New BJJ White Belt with No Submissions

When you first start as a new BJJ White Belt, it can be overwhelming. There is so much going. It can be overwhelming and somewhat confusing about where to start.

I experienced this issue when I began training. And it is a question one of my new White Belts named Taylor recently asked me about. His question was essentially asking what to focus on as a new BJJ White Belt.

(If you’d like to read more about my early days in BJJ read this old post.)

So in this video, I share several tips about how I personally went about the initial phase of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu as a brand new White Belt with little to no submissions in my useable technique arsenal.

Tips for a Brand New BJJ White Belt

I share some tips for people who are more comfortable on the bottom playing form Full Guard and I share some options for people who are more comfortable playing from the top positions.

The general idea in this video is that if a brand new BJJ White Belt. Your goal should begin as just being able to control position as best you can and survive initially. 

If you can control the basic positions (holding full guard, maintaining top position, etc) then overtime you’ll find that you’ll be able to mount some sort of offense attacks afterwards. Brazilian Jiu-jitsu has the old saying of “position before submission” and this is so true. If you can control the position consistently and reliably. You’ll be able to have more opportunities to attack or defend yourself effectively.

But in the beginning, if you don’t have the ability to maintain positions properly. You’ll be hard pressed to mount any submission attacks or offense techniques. So this should be one of your main focuses in the beginning of training. So if you are brand new, and you’re wondering what to focus on during rolling or Bjj training. This is a basic answer.

So for all the newcomers to BJJ, I hope this video is useful to you!
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