Effective Kimura bigger people

Effective BJJ Kimura Finish (Even Works on Big People)

One of my favorite submissions in Brazilian JiuJitsu is the Kimura. It’s a versatile BJJ submission that can be done from both bottom or top and a number of different Brazilian Jiu-jitsu positions. It can be used as a standalone BJJ submission or as a setup to other attacks and positions. And there are so many variations of the technique itself.

The Best Body Type For The Kimura

Just as a quick side note. From my experience in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. The Kimura seems to favor people with shorter stronger arms. Which is a physical quality I have. I’ve seen tall people use it. But it isn’t common.


In this video I take a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu question from Jeffrey from Twitter who inquired about tips on finishing the Kimura against someone who is pushing against his hip which prevents him from stepping over. I didn’t have a video of it but I assumed he’s trying this from side control.

Tips On This Effective Kimura

In this video I show one of my favorite Kimura finishes to use in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. I do it in BJJ competitions and rolling in the gym. I bypass the stepping over the head part completely in lieu of just going around to North South to execute the technique.

What I like about this particular finish is that even if the person is grabbing their belt, or if you just can’t get their arm away from their body. You can still finish it. Just based on the way you twist the arm and attack the shoulder. Also, the way I am pulling on the arm usually does well to break the grip if there is one.

Just be careful with it, because they catch comes fast on this one. <====== Seriously, be careful with Kimuras. They’re incredibly dangerous if executed too fast!

So if  you’re looking for another variation of the Kimura in BJJ. Give this one a try. If you do, I hope it works for you!


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bjj Street Fight Question

I Used BJJ in a Street Fight and BJJ Gauntlet


I’ve really enjoyed these random questions with Chewy. It’s a little more of a relaxed format than my normal long Chewy rambles.

In this video the 2 main questions are:

  1. Have I ever been in a Steet Fight? / Have I ever used my BJJ in a Street Fight?
  2. What’s my opinion on the Belt Gauntlet in BJJ?

I rambled on pretty long about these two questions, sharing various experiences I had. But I found them interesting.

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu in a Street Fight

I know that Brazilian Jiu-jitsu being used in street fight situations is always an interesting topic. This is particularly due to the origins of BJJ. It was promoted as a fighting system and means for self-defense. Which it is! But overtime there has been an increasing focus on sport and BJJ competitions because of the fun factor.

I’ver never really been a self defense minded person. Mainly, because I knew the power of taking a combat sport and using it in live situations. One of the biggest benefits combat sports can give you for a fight is the ability to deal with stress and the chaos of a fight.

In the video I share 2 ways I used BJJ and Combat Sports to win a fight and avoid a fight!


The BJJ Gauntlet

The Gauntlet in Brazilian Jiujitsu is a bit controversial. Some people claim it’s brutal, barbaric, awful, etc etc. I tried to touch on my idea about it and share the reasons why I like it and why I continue to do it. Both as a practice for my students and why I continue to do it as a person. I still walk the gauntlet myself!

If you have thoughts on the gauntlet, list them below and share your ideas.


I hope you guys enjoyed this sort of random question video. It’s a different format that the typical ones. But hopefully it’s entertaining.Everyone has seemed to like them!

Thanks for watching!


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Intensity Wave

Why It’s Good to Lose Intensity with Training

Recently I got asked a question about regaining the intensity of training following a big MMA match. Although the analogy that I use could be geared towards any martial art or any sport really. Because as I’ll talk about in a second, every high has it’s low and has to come down.


So our friend who asked the question, we’ll call Bob because he wishes to remain nameless.


Bob said, he had an MMA fight in his hometown in front of 1500 people. He won his fight in the 1st round by Guillotine Choke. It was great! He said he felt better than he ever has both mentally and physically.

Intensity is needed for the fight

The problem has come following the fight. He says after the fight he cannot recapture the intensity he had leading up to the fight.


I think we’ve all felt this way sometimes right? You were just killing it. You’re body felt great and then for some reason you lost that drive to train for some reason. Maybe you know why, and other times you don’t.


In Bob’s case, it’s clear why he lost his drive to get after his MMA training. He fought and rode this wave to a super high point. Rather, he is the wave and he build himself up to this big peak. If you guys have ever won an MMA fight. . . it’s an incredible high.


And a intense high like that can’t last forever. Eventually it has to come down.


Going back to the wave analogy. Think of a wave. It undulates. Up and mouth in a certain rhythm. It’s the duality of nature really. There’s an up and down, give and take, and ebb and flow.


And when a wave moves closer to the shore and builds up to a peak, and then what does it do? It CRASHES into the land! Just like Bob and his fight. He worked himself during his fight camp to a peak and then came CRASHING into his MMA fight. Winning in impressive fashion.


After the crash of the wave onto the shoreline. What happens with the wave? It begins to recede backwards. And then it will eventually build back up sending another wave crashing to the shore.


Don’t Fight The Downward Wave


Bob is experiencing the downward undulation following this crashing on the shore. And when you find yourself in this situation, you  have to go with it. If you fight against it, you’re only going to weaken you’re future potential. If you fight against this natural rhythm and continue the climb for more intensity. Eventually instead of riding a wave down, you will come crashing down via injury or just complete exhaustion and burnout. Instead of fighting to get back to this red hot intensity. Ride the wave down.


I know because I’ve been there before.


As a MMA fighter or BJJ competitor who is obsessed with getting better. This downtime can seem infuriating and counterproductive. But if used right it can be one of the best points for growth in your game.


During this period of downward undulation when you’re in a more relaxed stage. Use it as a time to bring in new weapons into your game. Use it as time to grow and evolve.


For me, whenever I didn’t have an MMA fight looming over me. Or even now. When I’m not actively preparing for a BJJ match our tournament. I use it as time to play around with different techniques and options. Expanding my available avenue of weapons. Consider it research and development.


Then once a battle is looming on the horizon and I have to ready myself for the conflict. I sharpen my blade and prepare. That’s fight camp, that’s tournament prep. It’s grueling and focused around the A game and improving your ability to execute the weapons you have in your arsenal. Not necessarily to bring new ones into the mix.

1st MMA fight win

Really Good MMA Fighters and BJJ Competitors Evolve


If you watch really good MMA fighters from fight to fight to fight or BJJ competitors from match to match. Watch how they evolve. They’re not the same forever. They continue to change and grow.


During this period of lower intensity. Work on evolving. Work on growing. When there is no fight fueled nervousness or anxiety associated with training where you’re questioning yourself, “am I doing enough?” Be a sponge and just soak it all up. Learn as much as you can.


This way each time your wave of intensity builds up. You’ll come crashing further and further down the shore. So that hopefully you can realize the true potential you have in you which will represent the high tide of your life.


But if someone fights against the natural current of their body for too long. The tide will recede further and further back till eventually theres just calm waters.


So if you’re in the same situation as “Bob” and you can’t get your intensity back up following a big win or competition.
  • Remember, this is normal, there is nothing wrong with you. Rather it’s the natural wave you’re a part of.
  • Instead of fighting the wave as it slides down. Go with it and use it to facilitate growth in your game by bringing new techniques and weapons into your game.


I also created a video on this subject!

I hope you enjoyed the esoteric wave rant. Hopefully it made sense!



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Why You Shouldn’t Teach BJJ to Yourself (When You’re New)

What is the most efficient way to train BJJ? Is training yourself Brazilian Jiu-jitsu an effective way to learn the martial art? Should you teach BJJ to yourself?

In this video I touch on this subject.

Our friend Nate on Youtube sent a message saying that he wants to maximize his time and save money by training with his friend in a basement first before he eventually joins his local 10th Planet BJJ gym.

He’s doing this to sort of bypass the White Belt phase of his training and prepare for his Blue Belt. So he plans to do this by using his friend to teach BJJ to each other.

Why Is Smart Not To Teach BJJ To Yourself

As I share in the video I think this is a bad idea for your BJJ growth. Primarily because I’ve done it.

When I started training Brazilian Jiujitsu.  I started like Nate is thinking about and piecing together moves in my basement with my friends. This was the way I began my Brazilian Jiujitsu experience.

We did this for about a year.

I found a BJJ gym in Louisville where I would eventually train. And when I did eventually step into an actual BJJ program led by an expert. I realized I wasted so much time training myself! I learned more in that 1 day of training than I did in the year of trying to teach BJJ to myself.

In any form of Martial Arts. It’s always a more effective means to growth to learn from someone who has been there before.

If you’re contemplating joining a BJJ gym or training yourself. I hope the video is helpful to you!


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How I Setup Takedowns in BJJ

When you’re going for takedowns in BJJ. What are you looking for? How do you decide which BJJ takedown to use?

Do you have a systematic approach to takedowns? Do you focus on looking for certain grips or adjustments from your opponent, or do you just lock up and cross your fingers that something will happen?


My Process for Takedowns in BJJ

In this video I give a little insight into what I’m looking for personally on my feet when I’m going for takedowns. Mainly I talk about how I determine the BJJ takedown I plan to use.

You’ll see, that just like any other position. I observe which grips i can secure and which grips my opponent gives me. From there I choose the best take down for the situation.

But most importantly, there’s a process to it! Just like any other position.

Often times. I see that most people don’t have a smart approach to takedowns in BJJ. They just lock up and move around until someone screws up. But yet on the ground they know exactly where they are going.

Likewise I try to give you some ideas on what you could look for when you’re on the feet in Brazilian Jiujitsu. So when you think about your takedowns. Think about the moves and positions and see if you have a process to everything.

You’ll have to excuse me a bit as I was super hyper in this video. And I’m kind of all over the place. This isn’t that unusual.

Hopefully these ideas will help you with your own Brazilian Jiu-jitsu takedowns. Whether its for training or competition.



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How To Be Aggressive from Full Guard As A BJJ White Belt

Some people are naturally aggressive, while others seem to lack this innate quality.

Our friend Megan who is a BJJ White Belt  says she lacks aggression. In particular she says she lacks being aggressive from her Full Guard and is unable to pull the trigger when she is rolling in her Brazilian Jiu-jitsu gym. And this is a vicious spiral. Because she lacks aggression due to the fact that her guard just gets passed and she gets passed because she is unable to be offensive.

This is a common situation I’ve seen as a Brazilian Jiujitsu coach.

Some White Belts have too much aggression while others don’t seem to have any at all. Personally I was one of the White Belts that had way too much.

Being Technically Aggressive In BJJ

In this video I discuss some of the strategies I used to build aggression off my back. Because as a Wrestler who got into BJJ second. Being aggressive off my back didn’t come naturally in my BJJ training.

On the subject of BJJ aggression I also want to stress that if you don’t naturally have aggression. It’s ok. Many people are overly aggressive because of  negative factors. Things like ignorance to the positions and fear of losing can cause this.

My goal for anyone wanting to develop more aggression would be to do so based on their technical abilities. Rather than blind aggression. Being aggressive in BJJ is great but doing so without the technique to back it up will lead to a road block eventually.

Anyways, I hope this video helps out any of you trying to be more aggressive in BJJ.


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What is a “Dick Move” in BJJ Training?

What is a ” dick move ” in BJJ? Where is the dividing line between using a perfectly acceptable Brazilian Jiu-jitsu technique and doing something that makes you a jerk, possibly injures someone, or just makes people not want to roll with you?

Before I dive into any more information. Let me say that if you are in question about whether or not you’re using a “dick move” or being a jerk in BJJ. . You probably are.

In the video I share, what I feel, are the 2 biggest determining factors.

Dick Move in BJJ Video 

Those 2 things being. . .

1. The origin of the technique within. What sort of place did this technique come from in you? What kind of emotions fueled it?

2. The intent or objective of this BJJ technique or move. What is the point and what are you trying to achieve?

There are some techniques that are inherently not cool to use. But for the most part. I believe if you are coming from a cool, collected place mentally when you’re rolling. You’ll be less likely to do something someone would consider a “dick” move.


When Used A Dick Move

From my own experience. I did dick moves all the time as a younger practitioner because I was afraid to lose, or because I would get frustrated.

And as I share in the video. You can take a BJJ technique or adjustment that is perfectly fine and change it into something negative just by the mental state in which it was executed.

I go into more detail in the video, plus I talk about the absolute most important thing to consider when you’re rolling in BJJ.

This is especially good for BJJ White Belts who are learning the ropes and trying to figure out what is ok and what’s not.

I hope the video helps!

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Grip Fighting Changed My BJJ Game

Mash the person who taught my more grip fighting

Mash in the center

BJJ has a funny way of bringing people into your life that sometimes change your game in ways you never anticipated. I had one such situation in 2011. I had the pleasure of meeting a person who would become a friend and great training partner.

Mash, which is short for Mashashi Takahashi, was a Purple Belt in BJJ and a Black Belt in Judo. He also competed in Judo in college back in Japan. He was visiting Louisville for about a year and while he was here he became a fixture in the gym.

We trained together, competed together and partied together. He was hilarious in the last respect.


Grip Fighting is the Nuts and Bolts

One of the things that stuck out about his stand up style compared to mine (and most of the gyms) which had more of a wrestling / BJJ element to it. Was the hand fighting for grips. This led to me having him teach Judo classes with an emphasis on the grip fighting techniques he used. These classes had a profound effect on me and sent me on a road of being kind of obsessed with grip fighting at times.

I know it’s a weird thing to obsess over. Especially with all the cool stuff in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu like submissions. I mean it’s not sexy and doesn’t make you go OOOOOooo. . . . ahhhhhh. But dominating grips and being able to dominate the BJJ grip fighting is huge.

When you think about it. Grip fighting in BJJ is a core element to everything! And yet many times it goes overlooked or just isn’t focused on much. Even though a technique begins with “grab this and grab that.”

I compared to a car. When you look at a car. You notice the color of the paint. The styling of the panels. The way the lights look. All that stuff. But you probably don’t even think about all the nuts and bolts that hold the thing together. Grips are the nuts and bolts to your BJJ game.


They Couldn’t Get Grips on my Students

This grip fighting focus spilled over into my BJJ competition game almost immediately. And as I started to fight more aggressively for grips in my Jiu-jitsu matches. My wins, and more importantly the way I won, shot up. And when I’m talking about BJJ grip fighting. I’m not just talking about the feet and doing takedowns. I’m also talking about the ground. Even submissions start with grips first.

This whole grip fighting focus came to head about a year later.

I realized I was competing against a Judo Black Belt in a BJJ competition. And I was dominating the grips. I was even able to score a throw! Which I’m not going to lie, I was pretty happy about.

He was better at throwing than I was. But I had dominated grips.

Soon after this. I was coaching my guys at a local tournament. We had so many people on the mats that I was rushing around like crazy. Then all of a sudden I felt it. My stomach start to almost cramp up. I had forgotten to use the bathroom for several hours. I rushed to the bathroom to get rid of the water I had been holding.While I was using the restroom. I overheard some people from another team talking in the locker room which was attached to the bathroom. Their conversation went something like this.

BJJ Player 1: Did you go against anyone from Derby City?

BJJ Player 2: Yeah. . . they’re so rough!

BJJ Player 1: Yeah! And I couldn’t get any grips on them!

When I heard this. I must have been grinning ear to ear. Probably inappropriate for a bathroom setting.

This is honestly why I created the Get A Grip video series. To help educate beginners on the importance and the how tos of grip fighting. Because if you can keep the grips your opponent needs off. Then they will be unable to use the techniques they want.

And I’ve seen first hand, both through myself and my students, how much of a difference being more focused on grips can make in someones BJJ game. And I can say 100% that focusing more on grip fighting changed my game fundamentally.

If you’re not already focused on Bjj grip fighting. Then you should be. If you’re a beginner and you’d like to shorten the learning curve for your grip fighting Bjj abilities.

Check out the Get a Grip series I created.


grip fighting series




Sadly, Mash (although he wanted to stay) had to leave the gym. But he’s still one of our team. And always will be! He even sports our patches. It always makes me happy that when people train here they enjoy the coaching and the experience enough to want to be a part of it even when they leave.



Mash sporting Derby City patches at his home gym in Japan!

Half Guard BJJ

2 Half Guard BJJ Drills For Positional Control

One of the most important aspects of the Half Guard is control of the underhook and space. Whether you’re on top or bottom. Having control of the Underhook gives you such a stronger position to attack from.

There are ways around the underhook, But if you are able to secure it, why not do it?

This video was taken during one of our No Gi BJJ classes. We did a series of Half Guard BJJ drills.

The 2 shown in this video were focused solely around regaining or countering the Underhook and to build better movement for Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.

I like these Half Guard BJJ drills because they help develop technique for positioning in BJJ and give both top and bottom, something to work on. Instead of just one person going while the other sits idle.

This helps keep both parties focused and moving. When we do drills like this I prefer to set a timer rather than shoot for a particular rep count.

One reason is because people move at different speeds. Second is because oftentimes people move quickly to achieve the rep count they were given and then ease up after that’s accomplished. Even if there is more time to drill.

The first drill is a Half Guard Pummeling drill. This drill was inspired by the stand up pummeling drill used in Wrestling and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. But just from the Half Guard.

The second drill which starts at 1:35 of the video is a Hip Switch to a Reverse Half Guard position. In the video we go to Quarter Mount since this was the position we planned to set up our passes from that day. But there are an innumerable amount of attacks you can use in Brazilian Jiu jitsu from that position.

So if you’re a Half Guard BJJ player or have trouble giving up the Underhook when your rolling or competing in Brazilian Jiujitsu. Watch the video, try the drills and hopefully they’ll help you improve!

As always, thanks for watching!

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BJJ armbar vs tight hands

BJJ Armbar From Mount Vs Tight Hands

If you’ve train BJJ then I guarantee you have been in a Mount positions unable to finish your opponent. If you get someone in Mount and they just ball up it can be very difficult to get the Submission. This is especially true when someone keeps their hands together.

This is the problem our buddy Nurzhigit is having. He says he’s finally able to get some offense going during his Brazilian Jiu-jitsu training but says that he can’t seem to finish once he gets to Mount because the person will lock their hands together.

I have a whole arsenal of techniques to deal with this very situation because over the years I’ve experienced the same frustration. I could get to Mount during BJJ competitions or Brazilian Jiu-jitsu training but I couldn’t seem to get the submission.

So I had to develop multiple ways to attack because I knew I SHOULD be able to snag the submission from Mount.

In the video I give two of the simplest ways I know to combat our opponent in Brazilian Jiu jitsu locking their hands.


Basic Setups for BJJ Armbar and Keylock

1 option is a basic 2 on 1 that works well pretty much through all belt levels. A basic setup using the Keylock / Americana from Mount and transitioning to the BJJ Armbar from Mount if the opponent turns to defend (which is very common).

The 2nd is another evergreen technique involving a hand crawl to isolate the head and shoulder. I’ve used this one, again, since I was a BJJ white belt.

If you watch my channel you know that I’m not really into fancy techniques. I like straight forward, more “old school”, Brazilian Jiujitsu techniques that allow me to dominate position and chip away at the opponent.

I hope the 2 submissions and BJJ armbar setup from mount shown in this video helps!

Thanks again to Nurzhigit, from Kazakhstan, Aktau city. Who trains at Caspian Brothers BJJ.


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