BJJ Self Defense Shenanigans (80s Miami Vice Style)


Last night was our annual suit rolling training session at the gym. We do it once a year around Halloween and it’s one of the more ridiculous things we take part in at the gym. We train hard so it’s a nice silly break from the tough training.

One of the things that came from this year’s suit rolling was a BJJ self defense video. Well I guess it may not really be a BJJ self defense video. More like a cheesy 80s self defense video with some sweet miami vice suit style action.

For those that know me, they know I try to offset the hard training with fun and light hearted events.

Anyways, we all got a laugh from it. Check it out and if you like it and get a laugh, share it.


BJJ Self Defense (Grab and Pull)

In this video I demonstrate how to use the outside single leg from wrestling and BJJ and combine it with one of the most effective self defense techniques available. Again, this shows that even Sport BJJ techniques can be as BJJ Self Defense for unfortunate situations.

Also, keep in mind. This is a joke and all in good fun.


Why Do You Train Here?


So the other day I went around with the camera asking some of the people in the gym, “Why do you train here?”

They were not prepared and the reactions and replies were pretty funny.


Hilarious Self Defense Video : BJJ needs more self-defense like this!

Below you’ll see a self defense video that displays a system which is hands down more effective than what is currently shown in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. After watching the video and it’s creative use of both fruits and vegetables. You’ll understand why Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and it’s emphasis on taking someone down, controlling their body and being able to render them unable to fight is yesterday’s news. From now on folks, we should be biting the cucumber.

Who knew that self defense could also be a way of improving your diet.

BJJ Knife Defense


Knowing how to use your BJJ in a fight situation is very important. Having fun with your Black Belt friend after rolling is just as important. With that said, I present to you the BJJ Knife Defense video. Although if we are being honest, I stole this powerful technique from another style.