Half Guard BJJ

2 Half Guard BJJ Drills For Positional Control

One of the most important aspects of the Half Guard is control of the underhook and space. Whether you’re on top or bottom. Having control of the Underhook gives you such a stronger position to attack from.

There are ways around the underhook, But if you are able to secure it, why not do it?

This video was taken during one of our No Gi BJJ classes. We did a series of Half Guard BJJ drills.

The 2 shown in this video were focused solely around regaining or countering the Underhook and to build better movement for Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.

I like these Half Guard BJJ drills because they help develop technique for positioning in BJJ and give both top and bottom, something to work on. Instead of just one person going while the other sits idle.

This helps keep both parties focused and moving. When we do drills like this I prefer to set a timer rather than shoot for a particular rep count.

One reason is because people move at different speeds. Second is because oftentimes people move quickly to achieve the rep count they were given and then ease up after that’s accomplished. Even if there is more time to drill.

The first drill is a Half Guard Pummeling drill. This drill was inspired by the stand up pummeling drill used in Wrestling and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. But just from the Half Guard.

The second drill which starts at 1:35 of the video is a Hip Switch to a Reverse Half Guard position. In the video we go to Quarter Mount since this was the position we planned to set up our passes from that day. But there are an innumerable amount of attacks you can use in Brazilian Jiu jitsu from that position.

So if you’re a Half Guard BJJ player or have trouble giving up the Underhook when your rolling or competing in Brazilian Jiujitsu. Watch the video, try the drills and hopefully they’ll help you improve!

As always, thanks for watching!

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BJJ Speed Drilling Session For Cardio

BJJ Speed Drilling Session For Cardio

I received a message from one of the people that watches my videos. He said that he loves the BJJ speed drilling videos but doesn’t get much of a workout from it.

So I had one of our BJJ speed drilling sessions filmed to give you guys an idea of what one of our BJJ speed drilling sessions looks like.

The scheme of the BJJ speed drilling in this video was 2 rounds of 5 movements drilled at 30 seconds a piece with no rest until all 5 movements are completed.

Then we bumped the duration to 45 seconds and then to a minute.

By the end of the BJJ drilling session, as you’ll see in the video, we’re huffing and puffing and tired.

Again this is a speed drilling session so the focus isn’t on the most perfect technique. The focus is boosting cardio and using the movements quickly.

Just like when you’re rolling, techniques will be a little sloppier. When you’re doing the techniques and movements at a super fast pace, some “sloppiness” will happen. But this is important because adding stress to the movements will allow you to deal with the stress of trying to execute a technique during a roll, better.

So don’t beat yourself up if you stumble a bit on the movements. I know that when my students first get exposed to this type of stuff they feel a little frustrated because they either have to slow down or they fumble with the movements a bit.

TO do this yourself. Just pick some moves or techniques that you like and drill them fast. The less complex the move the better for speed drilling. If you have a more complex movement you can break down the move down into different segments. You can also combine several chains of techniques together and extend the duration of the drilling time.

I hope the video helps give you some ideas.







Bjj Drills To Improve Cardio And Speed For Guard Passing

Bjj Drills To Improve Cardio And Speed For Guard Passing


1019910_10152951916930457_1646956050_oWant to have more speed and cardio on the mat? Want to build your gas tank for BJJ without having to do a ton of extra cardio (like running) off the mats? The BJJ drills in this video can be a great way to help.

Things like running, sprints, etc. They’re fine when you’re in the mood. But when it becomes a regimented thing. It’s a chore.

That’s where these drills come in!

In my opinion, guard passing can be one of the more exhausting aspects of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. Especially if you are a guard passer who uses a lot of movement. These BJJ drills, when done as prescribed below, can help provide a big boost to the gas tank when it’s time to roll.



Be A Big Guy But Move Like A Little Guy

I’m a bigger guy. Around 210lbs. But I always get the compliment that I move like a person much smaller and people are surprised that I don’t get tired. I have the pressure that they expect but I have way more speed and movement than they counted on.

I was also asked by a friend recently who is also a big guy, “How can I move faster even though I’m a big guy.”

I didn’t always move like I do now. The way that I developed my speed and movement is from drilling. Drilling a lot and drilling fast. I taught my body to move faster than it was comfortable doing.


Train Your Body To Move Faster

Think of it this way. If you move and drill slow all the time. You’re teaching your body to go slow. When it comes time to roll, you’re probably going to be unable to use the techniques at a fast pace.

Whereas, if you were to drill techniques at a faster pace. It’s likely you’ll be able to use them during a fast moving situation like rolling.


Here’s A Way To Use The BJJ Drills

Going back to this guard passing drills video. Try using this scheme to help build your speed, cardio and movement.

* Take 5 of the drills listed in the video, or some you might know already.

*Drill them each for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Switching drill to drill with no rest.

*At the end of the 2.5-5 minutes. Switch top to bottom with your partner.

*Repeat this passing drills sequence for 2-3 sets.

Using these drills is a great way to warm up before training with beneficial movements. It’s also a great way to blow the lungs out after rolling. Trying to maintain a fast pace after you’re already tired from rolling is brutal. But it can be great for things like building cardio before competitions.

If you’ve never done drilling in this style before. Stick to 30 seconds per drill first.

Hope you guys enjoy the movements and the idea listed in the video!






10 BJJ Guard Passing Drills (Starting High And Working Low)

10 BJJ Guard Passing Drills (Starting High And Working Low)


BJJ Guard Passing Drills For This Week

In this weeks BJJ drill series. I’m showing 10 BJJ guard passing drills and techniques. At the beginning of the drills I’m starting with standing passes. From there I’m having my opponent adjust to these passes and from there I’m working towards a more lower pressure passing game.
The whole point of this series is to develop the ability to mix your standing and low passes interchangeably. If you can attack your opponent from high to low, side to side. You’re going to be very tough to stop. Along with that, if you can initiate your attacks from standing quickly without letting them snag a grip, you’re in an even better situation.

Why this changing up idea is important is because every pass has a type of defense that is needed and they are not always defended in the same way. Using these BJJ guard passing drills. You’ll get better at changing up your angles and distance.  Your opponent will be forced on the defensive and have to constantly change their defensives up. This will make it more likely that they will make a mistake and you’ll have an opportunity to pass.

Chain Together Your Guard Passing

Also, I see many people who will guard pass in a singular sort of way. For instance, they do 1 pass. If it’s unsuccessful they back up and try another pass. If it’s unsuccessful they back up and do another pass. They don’t have a series or chain of movements to rely on.

Instead of doing this, you want to chain your passes together, like you would for any other position. Just like you have triangle to armbar to omaplata from the guard. Having a chained together series of techniques for passing will make your passing game that much more relentless and dangerous for the person on the bottom. The better you get with this, the more comfortable you’ll be in the pocket with your opponent’s guard.

I hope these 10 BJJ Guard Passing Drills (Starting High And Working Low) help!

If you have any requests on positions or techniques, let me know.

Thanks guys!









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Half Guard Pass

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0l0Fryi6mus&w=560&h=315]

This is a Half Guard pass that I use against someone who is trying to get their body underneath me for one of the various types of Half Guard positions. I’d rather not have to work myself out of inferior positioning so in my eyes it’s better to stop it before it starts. Keep them away and frustrate them by denying them the position they want. The pass is sometimes a little slow so take your time.

Oh and you’ll have to excuse Adam and I. We were in a silly mood that night.