Half Guard Sweep And Back Take (Chewjitsu Open Mat)

Half Guard Sweep And Back Take

Half guard is by far one of my favorite positions. Recently we were going over a series from Half Guard. This video is a little different than the usual technique videos. This one was recorded during my classes while I was teaching my students.

In the video I show:

  • An entry into the particular half guard we were using from a basic knee shield position
  • A counter to a person who is using the over hook to keep you pinned down
  • If the person tries to maintain space, a reverse kimura position (I showed this move in this video previously)

I’ve used this type of half guard effectively since I was a purple belt. I’ve used it in competition, in training and I even used it in MMA before.

Hope the techniques help, if you have any questions, leave a comment or shoot me an email.



Standing Full Guard Sweep : Waiter Sweep


Standing Full Guard Sweep : Waiter Sweep

What’s up guys! In this video I show one of my favorite standing full guard sweeps. The sweep is used when an opponent attempts to stand and break the guard. While they stand you get the cross grip and then once they reach their feet you get the under hook on the leg and get your sweep.

I’ve personally used this full guard sweep a ton in training and competition as a black belt. I say that just to remind you that it’s a fantastic full guard sweep at any level of BJJ.

Give it a try. If the video helps let me know. Leave a comment or shoot me a message.




Arm Drag Variation from Butterfly Guard Against Tight Grips

I love the arm drag. I have since the days when I wrestled and I’ve been using the technique from multiple positions since I was a white belt.

In this video I show a reverse arm drag / kimura position from butterfly guard. In this video I show it against someone with tight grips and how to crawl up the arm to set up an attack. The student who is doing the move with me, Adam, actually has a nasty double knee pass and this is something I have to use on him. I’ve also used it in competition vs bigger and stronger opponents.


Oh and the video starts after me and the students goof around for a bit.



D’arce Choke Defense : Counter Sweep From Half Guard And Bottom Of Side


D’arce Choke Defense : Counter Sweep From Half Guard And Bottom Of Side

The Darce or D’arce choke is a super effective and somewhat painful choke. People can attack with the Darce choke from top of Half Guard as well as Side Control. Knowing how to defend against the technique in BJJ is important, as it can happen quickly.

In this video I show a way to defend against and shut down the Darce choke and counter it with a sweep.

I’ve used this move a lot since I play from half guard a lot. It’s all about developing the sensitivity with your under hook.

So if the Darce or D’arce choke (however you prefer to spell it) is giving you trouble. Try this counter.

If it works for you, I’d love to hear about it.



Half Guard Pull Right Into A Sweep

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qmgqpsnQZOI]

This is a half guard pull I’ve had a lot of success with both in training and competition. The sweep too has been really effective. I find that half guard tends to be an easier position for me to deal with larger opponents since I don’t have long legs. If you’re a half guard player or are looking to add half guard into your BJJ game, give it a try!

In the video below you can watch me use the half guard pull.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZXBfiUJibf8]

Flower Sweep To Armbar From Full Guard

So I showed this armbar to my students one day and they loved the move. At first glance the technique might look a little fancy since you’re spinning around the arm. But I assure you, as I did my students, I’m a caveman. My jiujitsu is simple and if I can do it, you can do it. The key to making the move work is knocking the opponent off balance with the flower sweep. This will give you the initiative and allow you the space you need to gain the under hook and move into position for the spiral motion.

Sorry about the mic hanging at the top right of the video. Cameras have since been changed.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cj7s13cC8dU]

Mount Escape To X Guard

When I first started competing as a black belt I had this funny problem. I would go into the match flat, and it wasn’t till being swept to mount that I would “wake” up. In fact, my first 3 wins as a black belt in competition started with me 6 points in the hole after a sweep to the mount. Here’s a mount escape that I, unfortunately, got pretty good with.

Open Guard Sweep with Mustache

If you’re watching this open guard sweep video and thinking to yourself, “man, this guy looks like an idiot”, then you are a well adjusted human being. After No-shave November I decided to have some fun with the guys at the gym and dress up like. . . well like I am in the video. The goofy mustache got some serious laughs so it was worth it.

Now while I may look like a mega turd bag, the sweep is legit and myself and several of my students have used it in tournaments and rolling session.