How I Setup Takedowns in BJJ

When you’re going for takedowns in BJJ. What are you looking for? How do you decide which BJJ takedown to use?

Do you have a systematic approach to takedowns? Do you focus on looking for certain grips or adjustments from your opponent, or do you just lock up and cross your fingers that something will happen?


My Process for Takedowns in BJJ

In this video I give a little insight into what I’m looking for personally on my feet when I’m going for takedowns. Mainly I talk about how I determine the BJJ takedown I plan to use.

You’ll see, that just like any other position. I observe which grips i can secure and which grips my opponent gives me. From there I choose the best take down for the situation.

But most importantly, there’s a process to it! Just like any other position.

Often times. I see that most people don’t have a smart approach to takedowns in BJJ. They just lock up and move around until someone screws up. But yet on the ground they know exactly where they are going.

Likewise I try to give you some ideas on what you could look for when you’re on the feet in Brazilian Jiujitsu. So when you think about your takedowns. Think about the moves and positions and see if you have a process to everything.

You’ll have to excuse me a bit as I was super hyper in this video. And I’m kind of all over the place. This isn’t that unusual.

Hopefully these ideas will help you with your own Brazilian Jiu-jitsu takedowns. Whether its for training or competition.



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Guillotine Choke Counter With Double Leg Takedown

A Guillotine Choke Counter Is A Must

The Standing Guillotine Choke can be a nasty submission that makes people get gun shy with their takedowns. Having a guillotine choke counter is an important tool to have if you plan on having a takedown oriented game.

Typically I’ve seen two common mistakes people make when they are coming in for a single leg or double leg takedown and get caught in a Guillotine Choke.

First is that they freeze. Instead of adjusting and making angles. They have a oh shit, deer in the headlights, moment and freeze up. Then they’re submitted.

The other mistake I see really often when stuck in a standing guillotine choke is that they continue to drive straight forward right into the person’s full guard. Which pretty much seals the deal for them.

I’ve done previous videos talking about head positioning and how important it is. You can check that video out here.

I posted another Guillotine Choke Defense Using Front Head Lock Counter From Wrestling

As I share in a lot of my videos. I use a lot of wrestling with my Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. So in this video I show some basic adjustments that will help you blast through the guillotine choke with a double leg takedown.

You’ll beat the submission and you’ll also end up in side control.

So if you’re getting caught in the guillotine choke when you’re practicing or competing in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Check out the video and start drilling this guillotine choke counter.

Even if you’re not getting caught. The tips in the video will help make sure you don’t get stuck when trying to do a double leg takedown in BJJ.

I hope the video helps!



single leg takedown

Simple Single Leg Takedown Setup Against Frankenstein Opponent

Simple Single Leg Takedown Setup Against Frankenstein Opponent

A single leg takedown is by far one my favorite type of takedowns. They’re incredibly versatile. You can do them against smaller or larger opponents. They’re easy to setup from high or low positions.

And most importantly for BJJ. I find that a single leg takedown is easy to setup in gi or no gi.

In this particular video I show how to do a simple single leg takedown setup when you have someone walking into you with their arms stretched out like Frankenstein.

In the gi this happens often. Two people walk in, lock up with the sleeve and collar and push and shove each other around a bit. Then they break grips and do it all over again.

This is where this takedown comes in. Start by reading your opponent and which foot they’re placing forward and post off the opposite side shoulder when they come in to grip up.

While pushing them back and causing their weight to rock to their back foot come in and grab the single leg.

This is a great single leg takedown setup in gi or no gi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Nothing about the technique is gi specific.

This is also good for you guys with less than stellar knees. Because you’re not dropping down low and jamming your knees on the ground. It’s a little easier on the knee.

Lastly this takedown is really forgiving when you try it. If you’re in the middle of BJJ training and go for this single leg takedown. Even if you fail it’s unlikely you’re opponent will be able to snap you down to the ground. Typically the worst thing that happens is that they step out of the way.

So give it a try and I hope it helps!


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White Belt Takedown

What’s up! So I  had someone email from the blog. They said that they are a white belt with no prior Wrestling or Judo experience. They’re going to compete soon and wanted an easy to use takedown.

Before I share the takedown, I’d like to just say this. Takedowns are an aspect of BJJ that we all need to focus on, so make sure that you’re always doing your best to improve in these areas. Whether it’s competition or self-defense. Being able to take someone to the ground is so important.

With that said, I do have a couple of takedowns that have worked really well for many of my young white belt competitors over the years.

The one below is one such takedown. It’s simple, effective and works pretty well even if you don’t have prior wrestling or judo experience.

Fun story about this takedown. I once had a college wrestler come in the gym during one of our takedown classes. I slapped a gi on him and during takedowns one of my students with no wrestling experience hit this very takedown on him.

Most white belts who compete typically don’t have a ton of takedown experience, sadly. Often times takedowns are overlooked and in some cases people are even scared of them. Like anything else in BJJ the more you practice them the easier they become. People often say that they always get hurt doing takedowns but this is most often due to inexperience. Many of us get injured by doing stuff on the ground too! As you get more comfortable and relaxed on the feet you will get injured less.

Anyways, if you’re a white belt and looking for a simple takedown to use, give it a try. If it works for you, I’d love to hear about it. Either comment below or comment on the video.


Good luck on your upcoming Brazilian Jiu-jitsu competitions!


Half Guard Pull Right Into A Sweep


This is a half guard pull I’ve had a lot of success with both in training and competition. The sweep too has been really effective. I find that half guard tends to be an easier position for me to deal with larger opponents since I don’t have long legs. If you’re a half guard player or are looking to add half guard into your BJJ game, give it a try!

In the video below you can watch me use the half guard pull.