To Be Your Best, You Have To Drill

Drilling is such an important part of getting better. Drilling a technique or movement over and over again is what removes the hesitation and makes the move possible during training or competition.

In the videos on this page I’ve put together several different sequences of drills. In each of the series, the moves can be done by themselves or in conjunction with each other.

I’ve done this because like a chess player who memorizes the patterns of pieces and their movements. A Brazilian Jiu-jitsu practitioner is memorizing patterns of movements with their, and their opponent’s, body. If you are able to connect techniques together and have multiple options it’s as if you’re moving multiple pieces on a chessboard while your opponent moves 1. You’re a step ahead of your competition.

How Much Should You Drill?

People ask if they should drill for repetitions or for time. Over the years I’ve found that it is simply easier to do it timed. Counting reps can be a hassle. If you’re a bean counter type and really want to know what you’re hitting, then keep track. But often if you time yourself and count reps the first few times, you’ll usually have a decent idea of how many reps you have in the future.

Drilling Session Break Down

Perform each drill for 1.5 – 2 minutes each. If you’ve never done the drills before. Focus on doing each one separately. If you have performed them before. Try combining them together or have your partner give you a movement that will require you to have a particular response. Essentially they will dictate the technique you use based off what they do.

After you’ve performed the repetitions. Start with some situational rounds of rolling at a light pace and work your intensity level up.

Also, remember to use these techniques during regular rolling sessions in class.

Here’s an example of what a 70 minute Guard passing drilling session would look like. 

  • Guard Passing Drill 1 for 2 minutes  x 2 sets
  • Guard Passing Drill 2 for 2 minutes  x 2 sets
  • Guard Passing Drill 3 for 2 minutes  x 2 sets
  • Guard Passing Drill 1,2 and 3 chained together for 2 minutes  x 3 sets
  • Water Break
  • Pass and Defend Situational Rolling starting from Guard position. (If I pass I win. If my partner sweeps or submits me from bottom they win.) 5 Rounds x 3 minutes

You can customize the amount of time you spend on each section depending on what you have available. But you get the idea. The goal is to stay moving and stay active, working towards a goal. If you have any questions, let me know.