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This is Why You Roll Worse against White Belts in BJJ

Are you a White Belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu who feels better when they roll with a Higher Belt? This is the question I received from our BJJ White Belt friend Brianda who asked, ” I’ve been training for four months and I know I’m improving a lot (everybody tells me), but when I roll with […]

BJJ Tournament

Prove Your Doubters Wrong ( 1st BJJ Tournament )

Do You Remember your 1st BJJ Tournament or Competition Do you remember getting ready for your 1st Brazilian Jiu-jitsu competition or tournament? Do you remember the nerves associated with preparing and getting ready to step out on the mat against a complete stranger ready to go 100%? If you do, then you remember it’s scary! […]

Using a BJJ Book

3 Easy Ways to Use a BJJ Book to Boost Training

Want 3 tips on how to use your BJJ book effectively for training? Maybe the book is just filled with awesome content and BJJ techniques. Well how do you decide on which BJJ techniques to focus on and implement? In this video I give several tips on how to use a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu book effectively. I focus […]

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