Intensity Wave

Why It’s Good to Lose Intensity with Training

Recently I got asked a question about regaining the intensity of training following a big MMA match. Although the analogy that I use could be geared towards any martial art or any sport really. Because as I’ll talk about in a second, every high has it’s low and has to come down.   So our […]

Why You Shouldn’t Teach BJJ to Yourself (When You’re New)

What is the most efficient way to train BJJ? Is training yourself Brazilian Jiu-jitsu an effective way to learn the martial art? Should you teach BJJ to yourself? In this video I touch on this subject. Our friend Nate on Youtube sent a message saying that he wants to maximize his time and save money […]

How I Setup Takedowns in BJJ

When you’re going for takedowns in BJJ. What are you looking for? How do you decide which BJJ takedown to use? Do you have a systematic approach to takedowns? Do you focus on looking for certain grips or adjustments from your opponent, or do you just lock up and cross your fingers that something will […]