Open Guard Sweep with Mustache

If you’re watching this open guard sweep video and thinking to yourself, “man, this guy looks like an idiot”, then you are a well adjusted human being. After No-shave November I decided to have some fun with the guys at the gym and dress up like. . . well like I am in the video. […]

Don’t let sinusitis take you off the mats

Don’t let sinusitis take you off the mats Yep, it’s that time of year again, and no I’m not talking about the holiday season. I’m talking about the weather changing and getting sick season. Different illnesses seem to plague would be mat rats and leave them side lined frustratingly from training. One of the most […]

Why I got started in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu

What got me started in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu? In my last blog post I talked about how my students and I took a moment after training to share our reasons for taking on this sport. Well, while I was talking with my girlfriend she asked why I didn’t share my story about how I got started. […]