Early Release – Wrestling Takedowns for BJJ System

BJJ has notoriously bad takedowns. And instead of addressing this problem. Most people simply ignore it. Don’t be one of those people! Check out my hybrid system of Wrestling based takedowns for BJJ. In this early release, I share my personal takedown system as well as the techniques my student’s have used successfully both in competition and rolling during normal day to day training.

Get a Grip – BJJ Grip Fighting System for Beginners

Control the grips and you control EVERYTHING. Grip fighting in BJJ often goes unnoticed. Many people focus on techniques alone. But without control the grips. These techniques aren’t possible. After working with Judo players I became aware of the importance of hand fighting. In this video series I share a step by step process for a simple and easy to use system of dominating the grips.

Chad Hardy – Triangle Assault

The Triangle Choke is one of the tried and true submissions in BJJ. And it’s been on of the personal favorites of Chad who has used his Triangle Choke to secure victory in countless Brazilian Jiu-jitsu competitions. In this video series he breaks down his Triangle Choke from Full Guard. Included are Chad’s top entries, finishes and all the little details that make his game so dangerous. He also gives the conceptual details of making the Triangle into an attacking Position, and not just a submission.